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World's Best Cat Litter Extra Strength

Extra strong clumping cat litter, 100% natural, made from whole kernel corn, bio-degradable and flushable ...further information
World's Best Cat Litter Extra Strength 5 122
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So far, it really lives up to its name: "I've been using extra strength and lavender scented for several years, after trying a wide range of other biodegradable litters. Flushed little and often it does not block the plumbing (my plumber, replacing the loo last year, said he'd never seen such a clean soil stack). I found Regular does not mask smells as well (2-3 elderly rescues at any one time). Trays are so easy to clean, solids and liquids flushed three times a day, smells fairly well masked. Some scatter, but not too bad...."
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