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Greenwoods Adult Wet Cat Food Saver Pack 24 x 70g

Product description

Greenwoods Adult Wet Cat Food Saver Pack 24 x 70g 5 56
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Product description

Appetising supplementary wet cat food with a very high meat or fish content and selected premium ingredients. Cooked in its own juice for a great taste, it is free of artificial additives.
At Greenwood’s your pet’s well-being is the highest priority and delicious Greenwoods Adult wet cat food is a supplementary food for adult cats, made using only the finest, natural ingredients. Carefully selected meat or fish is gently cooked in its own juice to create an irresistible meal for your cat. Honest, natural ingredients are used to make delicious recipes that fulfil your pet's nutritional needs. The meat used only comes from livestock reared in humane conditions and the fish is freshly caught. The gentle preparation ensures that as much of the valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals as possible are retained. This tasty wet food is free from artificial aromas, colours or preservatives. Greenwoods wet cat food is suitable for all adult cats including choosy ones or those with delicate digestions. And there are plenty of different flavours to choose from.

Greenwoods Adult supplementary wet cat food made with selected natural ingredients:

  • 75% meat or fish: A tasty source of easy to digest protein
  • Selected natural ingredients cooked in their own juice: This process helps to retain the great taste as well as nutrients and vitamins
  • Suitable for cats with sensitive digestions: Made with a limited amount of ingredients which are well tolerated
  • Hypo-allergenic: Free from eggs, wheat, soya, pork or beef
  • No additives : Free from artificial colour, taste enhancers or preservatives
  • Different varieties : Available in lots of flavours to suit even the pickiest cat

Greenwoods Adult is available in the following flavours:

  • Tuna: Juicy tuna, a great favourite with all cats
  • Chicken Fillet: Tender chicken for the meat lover
  • Chicken Fillet & Cheese: Juicy chicken combined with tasty cheese
  • Tuna & Shrimps: Juicy tuna and fresh shrimps
The Greenwoods Adult Mixed Trial Pack contains the following flavours:
  • 2 x 70g Tuna
  • 2 x 70g Chicken Fillet
  • 1 x 70g Tuna & Shrimps
  • 1 x 70g Chicken Fillet with Cheese
Take advantage of this great offer:
24 x 70g Greenwoods Adult wet cat food
- At a great price

When you open a can of Greenwoods supplementary cat food you'll notice how tasty it looks and that it has a pleasant, natural smell.

With so much fresh and natural goodness in every mouthful, it's no wonder cats want Greenwoods!

Analytical constituents

protein 20.0 %
fat 0.5 %
fibre 0.1 %
ash 2.0 %
moisture 77.0 %


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