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c/d Urinary stress

My neutered tom cat, Sox, almost died twice because of a urinary tract blockage due to struvite stones. Since feeding him Hills Prescription c/d Urinary Stress products, both wet and dry,for about 3 years he's had no further problems. This product really does work.
17/08/18 | Pete
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Have this for our Sphynx boy who gets very stressed and develops cystitis as a result. His routine is a pouch of this with a Transforme Cystassist tablet mixed in (not available on Zooplus sadly) for breakfast, then he has kibble down (Royal Canin Sphynx dry) down for eating during the rest of the day. No vet visits in well over a year.
25/10/16 | Val
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Stress cystitis

The vet recommended I start my female cat on this diet as she developed a stubborn case of feline cystitis which was diagnosed as stress related. I'm told stress is a common diagnosis for most UTIs in cats. She's been on this diet for 4 months now, wet and dry, and apart from a minor bacterial infection her urine samples are normal now! :) so grateful you're selling this here now as it's a very good price and so expensive elsewhere.