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Just wondering why Taurine isn't listed under any part of either the description of this product or the ingredients?
28/05/18 | Jackie Maxwell
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Brilliant stuff

I took in a homeless cat who weighed just over 7kg. His owner died and when the family sold the house they threw him out. His weight was due to neighbours all feeding him. A restricted diet didn't work but with this food his weight is just under 6kg so we are nearly there. For it to work you must read the instructions and weigh it. Only feed the daily recommended amount, don't leave it out as a free for all. Sparky started out on 50+gms per day but now only gets 43gms to get him to his target.
12/03/18 | Carmen bm
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Very effective

My cat weighted 5.6 kilos and after 18 months taking this food, combined with more activity, now he weights 3.7 kilos.
13/01/18 | Emma
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Cats needed to lose weight and keep the weight off. the vet recommended this product The cats seem to enjoy eating the food, they are very fussy!, and they are both at their ideal weight now as they have both lost over 1kg
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Lose weight and fills them up. FAB, 5 STARS

I have a Make Neutered Bengal cat who is so laid back but loves food. That aside his weight gained to 10kg. I noticed when he couldnt clean his own bottom. I took him to the vets for Weight loss help as everything I did didn't work. The Vets started him on Satiety. 60g per day at the begin Aug. After two weeks he had lost 500g. He has lost week after week and as of today weighs 8.4g. He now has half a pouch of felix too.This food is fab. The price here is half the price of the vets.
26/02/17 | Yvette Ballance
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Oh Wowee

4 out of 5 cats needed to loose weight and after 2 weeks on this diet they have lost a kilo each. I think that is a result!
06/05/15 | Sam
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Amazing. Suffered through diet food for months with absolutely no success and much unhappiness on the part of the cat. Got Satiety and now have to fight the other cats off the diet food!
29/03/15 | PAm Slade
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No longer satisfied by Satiety

SAMs been on this for over a year and got down to his target weight 5.5k. However he's always enjoyed it, though his appetite has never been satisfied, and he asks for food every hour or two, which as you can imagine can drive me mad! Now I feed little and often which seems to be the answer - managing 70-80g daily. However, he's really been off the food this week and I wonder if its because we're almost down to the last few kibbles. Of a 3.5k bag. I have a feeling it loses its smell or begins to taste stale. I've just ordered another couple of lge money-saving bags, and wonder if the smaller bags stay fresh for longer.
03/12/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Owner's responsibility!

Obesity diets are great but they only work if the owner keeps an eye on how much the cat eats (and if the cat isn't eating extra dinners out of the house!) Royal Canin is the best food for this problem!
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I'm so happy to have found a diet food that helps my greedy cat to lose weight. By feeding the recommended amount I got very good results without having a cat complaining of starvation at every meal!
21/07/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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After trying (unsuccessfully) to control the weight of my cat with Royal Canin Obesity, on the advice of my vet I bought this satiety diet instead. This was much appreciated by my chubby little lady (usually a fussy eater!), and I managed to make her lose well over 400g of weight. She's now at about 5.34kg, so there's still much to lose, but we're working hard and this food is great!
29/06/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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My cat had got pretty fat but with this food he lost his belly and returned to a healthy weight. It has now been over a year and the weight has stayed off!
15/06/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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brilliant kibble

My 2 sterilised indoor cats immediately loved this food. It's easy to digest and they seem to like the taste. It's only been 15 days since we started on the diet so I haven't seen any results yet, but I'm optimistic it will work! The price is also unbeatable compared to other sites and the vets. WILL RECOMMEND!!
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Excellent product

My cat loves this, and it's great for keeping an eye on his weight - perfect food!
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Fat Boy Slim

Our Maine Coon cat became seriously overweight 9.9k after a parasitic infection which meant he had to have a change in his food. The vet then put him on satiety support and he now weighs 7.1k. It has taken 18 months but his belly no longer touches the ground. Your price is cheaper than buying through the vet.
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Very good value for money

This food was recommended by our vet. It's very easy to digest for our overweight spayed cats. Great price compared to the price at the vets, and the delivery was great.
14/11/13 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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great for my cat

I bought these croquettes because my vet told me my cat was overweight (7 kgs!). I now get all my food from zooplus and I'm so happy I found this site!