10/10/18 | Judymoo
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Grass wall

I got this to make a grass wall to stop bar biting, my hamster would not one spot so I cover it with this hammock Tied flat and its worked a treat
05/10/18 | Mollyjo
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Hammock or look out station!

My hammy loves this hammock! She immediately nibbled it which I don't mind but she also likes to sit there and look out!
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Multi-purpose, amazing for the price.

You can use this as a hammock, a mat, a small level for your cage or as a chew toy, or all at once. I cant believe how useful and great this hammock is. I'll 100% be buying more, these are fantastic.
22/11/16 | Joanna V
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Loved by my guineas

First off for several weeks they used it as a ledge to climb onto and look out from. Then they discovered they could pull it apart and eat it - took them nearly 3 weeks but no big deal as it gave them such pleasure. Now that they have a day run and the new hammock is in their night time cage, they are back to sitting on it - they have wooden balls and hanging toy to chew on instead.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

My rabbits love it

I just use this as a grass mat because its much cheaper than most grass mats. They all love to sit on it and chew it. The little ropes are also great because I can tie is down as my rabbits love to kick it off their shelves.
01/10/14 | Christine McDonald
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Amazing for my 3 rats, they absoulutly love it and couldn't believe how great it was when it only cosy £2.99.great buy.
14/12/13 | Sarah
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Great for Birds aswell!

My two Lovebirds are crazy about these grass hammocks, I hang one in the top of there cage and they love to run about on it and will happily spent hours gradually picking it to pieces and playing with the bits. They are very well woven so it takes them a good few weeks to totally destroy one. I also have one in my rats cage as they are perfect to hang across any long drops. An excellent quality product for a very low price. Highly recommended.
10/07/13 | christine
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great price and what a size :D my Chester is a happy hammy with this he's only had it a few hours but already loves it :D this site is great with prices and delivery
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Made my Hamster Very Happy

I bought this to add another level into my Syrian's cage because I liked the way it looked. It was perfect for adding levels and you can adjust how flat or curved it is. He liked it when it was quite curved so he could climb up the sides and have a good chew! He did chew through one of the ropes a few times, but it is very easy to just weave a new piece of string through the mat and re-attach it. The fibres also aren't too pointy once they have been gnawed, so you don't have to worry about it cutting his pouches or paws. My only worry was that he might decided to go to toilet on this, because there is no way to clean it off. However I was lucky and he didn't ever go to the loo on it.
13/01/13 | Beks
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Dwarf hamster destroyed it

My little winter white hamster loves this and decided to shred it up. I wouldn't use it for larger pets though as its not that sturdy. At least my hamster enjoyed destroying it though.
06/01/13 | DJ
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Degus love it

I hung myn in the cage using some old metal mini hooks, cos the string would last 2 seconds I know! They love it, uses the space in the air well :-)
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Good size, ties very vulnerable

Our goos loved this, but before the end of the first day had destroyed one of the ties. So instead I used strong wire to tie it to the cage. They did eventually destroy it though and still enjoyed it afterwards when they dragged it to their bed and slept on it. I've since ordered it again as it's good for the price and will last until I can try making my own hammock from material and see how they do!
15/05/12 | Rhian
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Great value

Bought this for two degus and we're very happy with it. They love jumping in and out of it and hiding in it and it really makes good use of what would otherwise be wasted space. They like to eat it, but after a week haven't really done any damage except eat through one tie, which they haven't repeated now they can't get at them as easily.