He loves them.

Goodness, they stink, but my dog loves them and that's all that matters! Because they're a natural product they vary in size but that doesn't matter, the weight in the packet is the same.

Loved them!

Our elderly collie loves these. They last longer than some of the other natural chews, but she perseveres and really enjoys them. She gets very excited when the package is taken out of the cupboard!


I know dogs enjoy these properly their favorite and good chew

Great chewy treat

Got these on my delivery today. Didn't know what to expect but one of my dogs went crazy for it and last him much longer allowing my other dog to take it slow on something abit easier for him. Last a good 10-15 mins of chewing. Got quite a few in a pack too.

Dog loves these

My dog loves these goes mad when I get them out.
02/05/17 | Mastiff Sally

Gentler than pizzles etc

My two dogs get a chew every night & although I vary them I do think a lot of them must be blocking them somewhat - though they never complain or seem to suffer. So for anyone who gives bulls pizzles, beef scalp, etc, these seem a bit gentler and more digestible, yet last as long. I have large dogs with very powerful jaws (they can break raw marrow bones) so the largest ones last mine about 2-3 mins, but that's average. Oh, & they love them.
06/03/16 | Eva


These are favourite treats of my dogs. We do have "allergic to the World" zoi and this is not only safe for him, but also keeps him at chewing and happy for a bit. The price might seem steep, but it is worth it.
11/18/15 | Tony Chaitow


My Dogs love them despite the smell which is awful to me! They are not cheap.
10/02/15 | Diane W.

Doggies go wild!

Fantastic product. I bought them as my vet recommended ostrich tendons as a healthy low fat dog treat. I ordered a range of ostrich goodies from Zooplus, and when the parcel was delivered my 2 bullmastiffs went mad for me to open the box - they could clearly smell the treats inside. They were clawing at the box. I have never seen them so keen for a treat. Highly recommended! 🐶🐶❤️❤️
08/04/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very happy

Me and Peppy (my dog) are really pleased with this product. I am definitely going to reorder them!

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