04/21/22 | Zoë

Super Chewy, Super Smelly

Our dogs love them, not sure whether to eat them or roll in them! Hard enough that they get a good chew out of them but soft enough that I'm not worried about them damaging their teeth. They won't make your dogs breath minty but they don't make them crazy like some high protein/sugar chews either so win win!
03/10/21 | Michelle

A long chew

I gave this to Riley, my English pointer on Monday, it’s now Wednesday and he’s still at it, not constantly, obviously, but yes, I am very happy with how long it’s lasting
11/16/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk


I've got a German Shepherd and he absolutely loves these.
07/13/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Dog likes them, I dont!

My dog loves these, I have bought them a couple times, they dont last as long as the plain pressed barkoo sticks as the inside is quite soft. To call this a mint chew is strange, when your dog starts chewing these they unleash a smell so foul I thought she had a poo right next to me. They STINK. Especially when they get wet from being chewed on. The smell doesnt linger on the dog though, she wasnt minty either. These are good if your dog is bored of plain chews, like ears.

One of the best chew bones

This chew bone is my Jackapoo's favourite. He won't stop until he's got every last bit of mint out of there. He likes all the Barkoo Bones (Beetroot, Apple, and the Christmas Edition) but Mint is definitely his favourite. Highly recommended!
12/03/19 | Mark

Went down with with all my pack

These came as a free gift with my points but the dogs loved them and now I return to buy another pack. I have always had Dentastix as treats but have seen lots of very bad reviews about the ingrediuents. As such I'll not be purchasing again and instead with buy these, Logic Orozyme chews for dental care and one other yet to be decided quick treat (as both the previous take ages to chew).

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