Works like magic

Our 10 month old Lab pup is getting much better at his recall but this whistle actually calls him back no matter how distracted he is, even in direct play sessions with other dogs he turns around immediately to come to me. Took 2-3 attempts to give him a treat at first, now he just comes when I whistle. My partner and I both have a whistle each on our keychain for worst case scenarios (which we hope will never happen)
09/30/16 | Clare

Better than I originally thought!

I just left a review asking people if this worked outside in a windy field - shame there isn't a q&a section on this site! Anyway I wanted to come back and alter my original 2 stars as I didn't have confidence because I couldn't hear it but low and behold I called my dog in from outside using it so I can confirm it does work! It's just a bit weird at first as the ones I used in training I could hear too so that gave me more confidence in the product! Please accept this resubmission of my review as I feel I was unfair the first time round!
05/08/16 | Gary Sharples


This whistle is a waste of time and money, tried it once and then binned them. Avoid this item and buy a decent one.
06/23/08 | Lea Mater

satisfied, great price

AFTER I've adjusted the whistle, it works perfectly well. My dog hears the sound and knows what has to be done! Of course we needed time to get used to the whistle instead of loud commands, but now it works, I don't have to shout any more! The whistle is great for beginners!
04/24/08 | Cotton Doodle

A whisper whistle

This whistle is not silent, it kind of 'whispers', plus my dog just looked at me then boxed his own ears. Obviously not a noise that will have him dashing to my side. Good cheap price but you get what you pay for.

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