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Good brush

Brushed with a regular comb and slicker brush yesterday, Furminator today. Still removed about 3 times more fur today. It also doesnt leave loose hairs on the coat like other brushes did. Dog fell asleep while brushing, which he never does, so I think he liked it. :) The only downside is that the button seems pretty flimsy. The third time I tried it, it got kind of stuck. Managed to get it back, but dont dare to use it now. Actually easier to just pull the fur off with fingers though.
06/10/17 | Sophie
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Good whilst it lasted

Bought the large comb for my GSD. His coat looks lovely & the comb took so much more off than other combs ( = less hoovering!) Only downside - mine lasted 5 days before the push-button snapped.
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Is amazing!

We'd resigned ourselves to a new life where everything is constantly covered in dog hair, but no more! After an hour grooming last night, there was a football sized fur ball in our bin and doggy looked so sleek and glossy! When he lay down on our black bed sheets, not a ginger hair was to be seen afterwards!
06/09/12 | Muskie Harris.
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Have bought and used numerous brushes and combs for my dogs and basically useless.no hair in combs and brushes but plenty on beds, carpets etc. Do i buy or not as very expensive? Can return so give it a go. Fantastic! Amazing! worth every pound let alone pennies.LOADS of Hair out of Kenzie our Lurcher.His top coat is black but tons of chocolate coloured undercoat combed out. Will always buy Furminator in future.
29/05/12 | Antonio C.
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worth every penny

The high price is definitely worth it! I cannot describe how much undercoat fur was combed out with the Furminator Long Hair M. Thanks to this product, our Retriever Mix no longer litters lose hair all over our carpet. So pleased!
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The Furminator is very good, my little cat purrs away while I groom her.Quite alot of undercoat is removed using this brush, therefore I give it 5 stars!