15/06/22 | Kate
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Fussy Miss

I love this, my girl is very fussy, very unusual for a cat, I know, but she enjoys this. I've made it her safe space from the kids, they know if she's in it, they can't pet her. It works for everyone, and it fit seamlessly into the unit and doesn't draw immediate attention.
11/01/18 | Leslie
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Great hidey-hole

All of my 5 cats took turns trying it as soon as it was set up! They love it. it's now been placed near a radiator for night time cozy snoozes. They also use it as an ambush cave during play time!
12/10/17 | Nathalie
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Looks great...but

It looks really good compared to most beds BUT within a few days a small hole appeared which gradually got bigger (yes - hang your head in shame Teddy). If you have a destructive pet - probably not the best choice - but good for well behaved ones!
03/03/17 | Pip Freeman
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Out cat loves it.

We have an older female cat who loves being "tucked in" and we thought her own den would be worth a try. Although our usage is not for shelving, we thought this product looked good. I think it is always a bit of a gamble buying something for a cat but she took to this den instantly. The customary look in and sniffs around and she was soon inside and settled. It is now a favourite place for her to sleep in.
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My cat loves this bed

I bought this for my cat at christmas thinking he would love it as he was always jumping into boxes. He turned his nose up at it at first. But since i have moved it beside the window you cant get him out of the bed. He gets in and looks out the window all day. Its warm and neat and comes with a nice comfy pillow inside. My cat loves this bed. I purchased second one for the bedroom window so he has more choice.
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A Brilliant Cat Den :-)

I bought this for my outdoor cat who likes to watch the world go by from a safe place. It is lovely and soft with a comfy bed included. I put it inside an old kitchen cupboard instead of shelving and it fits perfectly. I pop a heat pad in with him and he is happy to snooze or sit and watch whats going on with his little head poking out of the cat shaped hole. He loves his den and so do i :-)
30/11/16 | Maria Di Gennaro
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Fantastic product!

Fits perfectly in ikea shelving, looks great and the cats basically won't leave it! Almost buying a few more to keep as spares!
13/11/16 | Angie M
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They LOVE them :}

Our cats are usually very cautious about anything new but loved these almost immediately. We put them on the floor at first so they could get used to them before putting them on the shelving unit. They had a little squabble about who was going into each den then happily snuggled up in their own individual little den. 3 hours later they are still both fast asleep. Thank you, it is an excellent product.