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Litter Champ

Litter Champ

A revolutionary waste disposal system for quick, hygienic and odour-free disposal of used cat litter. Triple sealed to prevent odours escaping.

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Easy to use

I'm really glad I bought this -- I don't need to think about soiled litter at all, I just pop it in here. It's very easy to remove a full bag and get an empty one by pulling down another length of the bag tubing that comes with it. So far I have been using it for two months with one cat and I haven't yet had to put in another bag cartridge.

Rebecca (08/11/15) Back to Litter Champ

Great product but....

I brought this Litter Champ so that I could avoid taking our kitten's litter outside every time. I am relatively happy with it as it looks good, sits nicely in the corner of our bathroom, but the only thing is that when the trap opens; the smell welts through the air like decomposing bat. I kid you not! We have had this bin for a good few months now, and I wanted to give it a fair review. It must be noted that we do not put the litter in the bin directly; we place it in a bag first. I have also thought of ways to eliminate the smell by cleverly purchasing scented baby nappy sacks to put the litter in, but that doesn't help either. I am about to line the bottom with a scented draw liner but I don't have much hope that it would work, but it is worth a try. I must say, that despite this flaw, I do not regret buying it. I only just hold my breath for the miller second that the trap is open for. Other than that, the smell is contained very well in the bin. The bin liners are very easy to change; just read the instructions on the box and yay-presto! It's in. And I have calculated that we probably go through 1 bin liner every two to three months. I purchased the additional liners when I brought the bin (3 pack) and the bin comes with one liner anyway. That means, by the end of the year we should need to buy a few more. Not bad at all. It is easy to wipe clean, easy to use, and I kinder like the scoop that it comes with better than the scoops that I have purchased for our growing kitten, who is now 9 months old (sept/15) Good purchase, I would definitely recommend, I only wish the designer could come up with a solution to that 3 second woof of smell. That is the only reason I didn't give it a 5 star. (by the way, even changing it every day doesn't help, it just adds to the waste of plastic)

Melanie (23/09/15) Back to Litter Champ


the material the bags are made of really stinks. I find it almost unbearable and I'm talking about unused bags. In principle, a good idea but needs to be looked at again

Ana De Carvalho (20/09/15) Back to Litter Champ

Litter Champ

So pleased I bought this - its easy to use, keeps smells locked in.

A few problems

There are a few problems with the litter champ: 1) there should be a handle to make it easier to pick up 2) the bag material has such a strong and unpleasant smell.Why is this? Otherwise a very useful item

Ana De Carvalho (16/08/15) Back to Litter Champ

Has Flaws

Good concept but has flaws. Firstly I think the inner flap needs to have a spring or leaver to pull the flap downwards so that we don't need to manually open flap. Secondly the opening is too small for litter shovel, even the supplied one. However I do find that it keeps the odour down. Grace Murphy (06/08/15)

Must Have for indoor cats!!

In so glad I bought this at first I was thinking that's a lot of money for a fancy bin, but it is well worth the money and it does keep the smell away! The internal bags last me a month with 3 cats. I empty weekly and they are quite strong too so holds well.

Suzanne (01/07/15) Back to Litter Champ

Litter Champ

I bought this and as well as a new litter box and am really pleased with both - Litter Champ does what it says 'Locks smells in' and is very easy to use.

Excellent! Also, here is a great tip to enhance it...

So I bought this over a year ago and have not looked back since! It's a great idea to have the house smelling great again! As soon as my two cats go, we use it to move their litter into it... But Here is the tip: when I collect the list I actually collect it in a small plastic bag (like the ones you use to freeze food in - bought from tesco) - close the bad and then put the page in size littler champion... Now It's super sealed and it will never smell, even if it's full to the bring with other bags! Like this it's very convenient and I empty it once every two weeks! Result!

Valentino (06/05/15) Back to Litter Champ


I love this. I have recently bought another to have downstairs for the emergency litter tray for my 2 x 22 yr old cats. It makes my life very easy and there is no smell. So as long as I empty the trays as soon as they are used there is no cat smell at all In my house. Love it!

Litter Champ - Little Gem

I have owned a Litter Champ for about a year and I wouldn't be without it. It locks in smells (we put our clumping cat litter in swing bin liners first) then into the litter champ. Every fortnight it gets changed when we have our refuse collection. Couldn't be easier or more practical. So good in fact, we have one for our own bathroom. No more smelly bins!!

Sara (03/05/15) Back to Litter Champ

Not as good as promised

I don't quite understand how this is supposed to be "triple sealed". You still get a strong odour when depositing the waste into it. I need to put air freshener next to it to keep the room from smelling awful. It's certainly better than having to empty a bin every day, but I found it a bit disappointing after all the great reviews.

Wendy (27/03/15) Back to Litter Champ

Bin itself starting to smell

This product is decent for purpose: it stores the cat poop and eliminates odour to a relatively good extent, meaning less frequent runs to the trash disposal. I live in a small apartment on one of the upper floors so it is important that odours such as these are minimised as much as possible, otherwise they tend to pervade the entire flat, unless I intend to constantly run downstairs to dispose. At first, I was very pleased with this product because not having to run downstairs immediately after scooping is a great convenience. What I have found after a few weeks of owning this product, however, is that the bin itself and the bags, being made of plastic, have taken on the smell of the cat poo. This means that even if empty, the bin itself now smells highly unpleasant and the odour is starting to leach into the room that it is in. I have thought of placing a bowl of bicarb or silica crystals in the compartment to aid absorption of these odours but have yet to see how effective this will be. I think the product is an effective design but that it needs to be made of materials that do not absorb odours, such as metal. It would be useful to know if anyone else has found this happening too. Also, as stated by another reviewer, it is rather unpleasant when emptying and the smell lingers for a good while thereafter. Naturally this will also depend on how often you empty it. I tend to do this every few days. Unlike other users, I do NOT place the poo in a smaller bag before placing in the Litter Champ as I would like to reduce the amount of my household waste overall and it's also friendlier on my pocket. For an apartment, I still think this is one of the best solutions but I haven't used the other leading brand product to be able to comprehensively compare. Nonetheless, I know this has made my life much easier than placing the poo in a normal bin or having to run downstairs. If Litter Champ could be made in metal, I would not hesitate to purchase.

Great idea

To go wiv the little champ bin.

Anne roberts (15/02/15) Back to Litter Champ

This years best buy

I'm very impressed with this it makes a huge difference for me with 4 stinky moggies to cater for.i still bag the waste before dropping it in to the container and then on bin day it's so easy to open up cut off and dispose of the bag full of waste then simply tie it at the bottom ready to refill it.just reordered the spare bags as it'll get used plenty.much nicer system for when I have pet sitter here too makes life easier all round.

Jeanieb (05/02/15) Back to Litter Champ
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