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Litter Champ

Litter Champ

A revolutionary waste disposal system for quick, hygienic and odour-free disposal of used cat litter. Triple sealed to prevent odours escaping.

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Game Changer

Bought this bin after recently adopting 2 kittens. As I live in an upstairs apartment, running up and down to the outside bin several times a day to ensure my apartment didn't smell like 'Crazy Cat Lady House' was very tiresome. I have been using this bin for 3 days now and I cannot believe how different things are! No odour, no mess! No tired legs for me! Highly recommended!!

Great purchase

This is one of the best value products for cat owners whose cats use litter trays, ever. I was slightly sceptical-especially at the relatively cheap price, but it's absolutely magic. Replacement cartridges last for ages (I change a the bag about once a week with two large British shorthair cats) and you must get at least 20 bags out of one cartridge. Clean, tidy, contains smells and saves endless trips to the outside bin. Such a simple idea, yet it works so well. Excellent.

Simple & Effective

I have 4 indoor cats and this has been one of my best purchases for them to date. It is simple to put in the new bag and to remove the full one, and there is no smell whatsoever. The bag lasts approx a 5 days for me and the roll of replacements works out good value. The only thing that would make this perfect is if there was a strong handle on it for moving it between each litter tray, as it is quite heavy as it fills up.

Dympna (08/06/14) Back to Litter Champ

No mess, no smell - this sorted my life

I recently moved from a house with a garden into a 2nd floor flat - the Litter Champ has solved the problem of the smell of soiled litter - I cannot praise the product enough.

Beryl (08/06/14) Back to Litter Champ


We have three house cats and would not be without our "Litter Champ". It's a must have!


The Litter Champ is just that: The champ! It is very easy to use and to keep clean. The bags last a long time, and having it by the litter tray is so much better than having to go outside to the bins all the time, especially in winter. I've had it over a year and it is very durable and still looks and works like new. I highly recommend it.

Chris (25/02/14) Back to Litter Champ

Helps with odor!

I love the Litter Champ and highly recommend it. Not only does it help to control the odor, it really makes a difference for us in our small apartment.

Marsha (24/02/14) Back to Litter Champ

Changed my life!

I don't know how I coped without this!! It makes cleaning the litter trays much easier and cleaner. And the Litter Champ is so well designed as well - emptying it is very easy, and the bags last for absolutely ages.

Becci Denny (08/02/14) Back to Litter Champ

Great invention!

After having tired of having to go out to the bin to throw out my vat litter I discovered this wonderful contraption. Easy to use and change the bags and having the lockable inner lid keeps smells at bay!


This is excellent, no mess, no smell, clean, fantastic and great value and stops my loo getting blocked too

Mrs. C. Aitken (23/01/14) Back to Litter Champ

for my kittys

how have a lived without one of these for nearly 5 years. its the best thing ever. you cant smell a thing when u have put the poo in the bin. defo would recommend it

anne roberts (20/11/13) Back to Litter Champ

This is great!!

Wish I would have discovered this yonks ago - brilliant easy disposal of waste and no smell - looks clean and slimline - brilliant!! If you have cats on litter - you just have to have one of these!!

Anne Roberts (12/09/13) Back to Litter Champ

litter champ bin

We have 3 of these bins to go with the 3 large litter trays and 11 indoor cats too, it works great each one needs emptying once a week on average, the refills last ages all in all a great product, would bye another one without any hesitation, the only problem is the bin men complain the bin is heavy to move, but I can put up with that, Slave to 5 maine coons, 5 norwegian forest and a rag doll

Chris Smith (23/08/13) Back to Litter Champ

This is fantastic

Have 3 cats and they all seem to do their business once all the doors are locked. I put the solids in a small bag and then pop the bag in the Litter Champ. It gets emptied once a week and even in the current hot weather - there is no smell. Worth every penny. Looking forward to the winter, no more going outside in the bad weather.

S Goodman (10/07/13) Back to Litter Champ


This is by far the best product that i have bought in years. With three cats in the house and a new puppy i can just pick up the poo/litter and pop it into the bin. I do use poo bags and even with the bin being in the lounge there is no smell at all.

shaz (25/05/13) Back to Litter Champ
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