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Sanicat Professional Multipet Fine Fresh

Sanicat Professional Multipet Fine Fresh

Sanicat Fine Fresh silica litter with 200% absorbency, 100% dust-free, extra-fine and gentle on paws of small pets

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Ten stars!

I have finally found the perfect litter, after trying almost every type over the last 20 years. There is really no downside to it at all, and plenty of upsides. I have four Burmese cats who give the litter trays a lot of use, and I can't fault this litter in any way. It feels so 'clean' compared with other litters, is very good on odour control, doesn't stick to tray or scoop, not much tracking... it really could not be any better.

Great product

This is the best cat litter I have ever used, I have two cats and it easily last a full week with no smells whatsover, just remove the soiled litter regularly and there you go. Highly recommended

Rachael Emma Tomlinson (13/11/14) Back to Sanicat Professional Multipet Fine Fresh

Excellent product

I foster cats and kittens for a charity. The litter they supply is the cheapest they can buy and it's awful, very heavy, very dusty and needs changing twice a day with a litter of kittens plus Mum. I decided to try this litter and what a difference. Yes it's a bit pricy but worth it for the convenience of not constantly having to change it. I've only just started using it so I can't say how long it's going to last but so far a tray has lasted a week with 6 kittens.

At last!

Have been through almost every litter on the market to find this one - no smells, clumps really well, no tracking, easy pour box. Worth every penny - don't know why it didn't come up on previous product searches

Fabulous product, so glad I came across it.

Initially I used the larger crystal version from the supermarket, which I thought was great, but this product is so much better. It's so clean and easy to use. Just remove the solids give it a swirl and it's as if it's never been used. There's no smell and because the crystals are so small, like sand, they don't get stuck in my cat's paws. It only lasts my cat just over a week as she does drink a lot and uses it often. It could probably last a bit longer but I prefer to replace it earlier as it's such good value and I'd be spending so much more on traditional litter.

Best Cat Litter ever - it's BACK!!!

It took me 18 months of trial and error to find a litter that both me and my cat liked and we happily used Sanicat Fine Fresh for four years so I was devastated when this line was withdrawn! Cue, more experimentation, we had settled on Nullodor which is similar (small grain silica litter) but just not as good, the grains are spherical, they track more that Sanicat, and once they've tracked - they roll everywhere. I don't know what prompted me to search and see if it's available again ... totally thrilled! Please don't let Sanicat take this off the market again!

had to do a second review

As you can see from my last post, i've only been using this for a month with our 2 kittens, Whilst there is very little mess and it does clump well, I've found its smelling far more than the Tigerino does. I clean the tray out of pee and solids 2-3 times a day, and stir it well but I've found that very quickly I am getting a smell of ammonia. We have 1 adult cat in the household and 2 kittens, have 4 litter trays (one for each cat and one extra)I did wonder if it was down to the weather but they all use each of the trays, 2 have been having sanicat in and 2 have got Tigerino (idea was to swap over to Sanicat) but the Sanicat trays are smelling and the Tigerino ones have no odours at all. I'm disappointed as I was initially delighted with this litter :-(


Have been a silica litter lover for quite some time now and have recently acquirred 2 more kittens so thought I'd give it a go as the idea of it being more gentle on their paws (and my feet!) attracted me. Have to say I'm OVER THE MOON!!! I had much less mess with the Tigerino and no bad odours anyway so was already perfectly happy but this has bettered the Tigerino. There is literally no spillage, no odours and I'm not jumping in pain when I stand on any. Can certainly recommend to multi cat households or just one cat families and think this is what we'll be sticking with.

The best ever

This is just brilliant. I've chucked the Catsan away. My 2 Maine Coons love it, the cleanest , most efficient litter I have ever come across

Excellent litter for multi cat household

Finally I have found a litter that works for all 6 of my cats. They love the fine grained litters which are like sand so trying to move away from Golden Grey was becoming a real struggle, Worlds Best, Nature's Calling and Oko all rejected. Golden Grey is a great litter but sticks very badly to the side of the box if they wee down the side and I have one that does this regularly. This stuff is great - lovely and fine, isn't scented and has no smell to it whatsoever and does seem to last. I have it in just one automatic litter tray and so far it has lasted a week without needing a change. With 6 cats I was thinking I would be lucky if it lasted a week, but it looks like it could well last a fortnight.

sanicat cat litter

This cat litter is perfect and does not cost a lot of money a brilliant buy.


I have struggled to find a litter that doesn't need to be changed twice a week. I always remove solids daily and give the litter a stir up to spread the urine soaked parts. I have used 1 bag per deep tray and 3 weeks later i have still not needed to replace it. My entire girl is usually extremely fussy but she is still happily using the trays (rather than protest piddling on my bed!!). I have a good sense of smell and it still doesn't smell either. Oh and my cats all like to dig, no mess. Maybe that's down to using a very deep hooded tray! And they are longhairs so very fluffy, i was worried the tiny granules would stick to their fur but i don't seem to have that as a problem either. All in all, i am very pleased and am about to stock up on enough to last the next 6 months. If only they did it in bigger bags!

The Best Ever *****

The best silica litter on the market. Cat can truelly bury poo in it unlike larger stuff, Tigerino, Bob Martin etc, so little or no smell. Soaks up ALL liquid fast, so even the odd runny tummy isn't an issue. It doesn't even hurt my bare feet when any gets out onto floor and hoovers up really easily if it does. Being a natural product, no worries about cats licking any off paws either. A quick stir each day when you remove solids and it's still smell free after weeks. Couldn't be any happier. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't stop selling it again. My cats won't use anything else!

the best!

It's back!!!! Woohoo! :) the best cat litter! I could give 10☆ for it!

Kittens Love It Too Much!

I've always used a silica cat litter as I find it best for a multicat household. Bought this to be finer on little kittens paws and they LOVE IT! Only down side is they now dig & dig for Britain like kids in a sand pit and unless you have a deep litter tray it goes everywhere. Easy to scoop up again to put back in though. Much better absorption than Tigerino, probably due to bigger overall surface area on tiny crystals. For six 8wk old kittens, one bag lasts a week. Just remember to stir daily and it works really well. If you don't stir it, it won't work for you.

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