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Professional Classic Cat Litter with Odour Neutraliser

Professional Classic Cat Litter with Odour Neutraliser

Professional Classic Cat Litter is clumping litter with silicate and a biological odour neutraliser for natural odour control

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Simply the BEST!!!

Before buying anything, I always read the bad reviews first, so that I am very rarely surprised by negative outcomes. Having tried several different brands of cat litter for the past 6 months, I can't tell you how absolutely delighted I am with this one! My two 6 months old kittens just love it: it's clean, controls smells superbly, clumps beautifully and is super easy to scoop up.Far more expensive than the other brands I've tried, it is worth every penny, or should I say pound, more. I won't name the ones that were so bad that I nearly gave up on the kittens, but would advise any cat owner out there not to waste their time, or money, experimenting with various other brands. This one is simply in a league of its own. And no, I am not getting paid any commission to say that: it is simply the truth. And by the way, i have not had to empty the king size hooded litter box for 5 weeks now. All I do is remove the clumps and top it up. The litter box is kept inside the house and you can barely smell anything.


Very good litter - cats love it - only complaint is weight of bag 15kg to heavy to lift for me.


Bought this some time ago. Brilliant product, good clumping and very economical as it seems to last forever. I also noticed that my very fussy Devon Rex preferred to use a dirty tray with this litter rather than a completely clean tray with another well known brand(which he had been very happy with) when we spent a weekend away. Down side ? Yep, my Devon variant female ,who was happy to use the big wild world as her litter tray is now actually coming in doors to use the litter trays!!

Great litter

This litter is very economical and one bag lasts a couple of months for our 2 cats. We used to use wood pellet litter, which made a hug mess and tracked sawdust all over our house; this works in a similar way (clumping) but is much less messy and only tracks a tiny bit. Definitely the best litter we've found for the price.

Overall very good

Very good for the clumping action and odour control, with dilligent scooping 2 bags lasts my four indoor only cats up to 8 weeks across 3 trays. Packaging so far has varied, often arriving damaged but the price mixed with the efficiency and easy scooping means that this proves very economical for me. Tracking did prove an issue until I put a bobbly rubber bathmat next to the trays as they clean their paws now.

simply the best

I have three cats and have been using Extreme Classic Cat litter for nearly three years. Thought I would try a different one and chose the Classic Cat litter. It is cheaper and clumps just as well as the Extreme. Would use this from now on. The Packaging is still terrible though. The last order was delivered without the box, it had collapsed, it was only that the delvery man knew me, but i lost my delvery note. This is quite usual for the box to have been damaged, normally there is a plastic band to hold the box together, just, but i guess this time that was missing. Still great cat litter, would recommend.

Will not be buying again!

This is probably the worst cat litter ive ever used. Its gets everywhere due to it being so fine. It clumps to a concreate like substance that matted in my male cats coat. He couldnt even groom himself! Awful.

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