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Golden Pine Cat Litter

Golden Pine Cat Litter

Clumping cat litter from pine wood with new and improved recipe, disposable in the compost or toilet, dust-free and eco-friendly.

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Disappointed with new formula

The previous larger granules were fantastic, would have been a 5* review based on them. The new smaller size makes more mess and is way harder to clean up because the granules are so small. Please bring back old formula!! Price is best for bio litter and smell is fine.

Fantastic product, but it tracks everywhere!

I totally love this cat litter. I have tried many and this controls smell and the clumping is excellent - proper solid, balls form that can easily be lifted out, no scrapping the sludge off the side etc. It also lasts a really long time. does track round the house, which is annoying!

Formula Changed and Spoilt It

Used this litter for quite some time and was happy with it. Now it has been reformulated - the grains are much smaller and it tracks absolutely everywhere. Back to the drawing board to find the perfect litter………..

Perfect litter for 2 male house cats

This is the perfect litter for 2 male indoor cats, who have tried and defeated most other litter brands. I live in a shared house and it is really important to me that my housemates are not 'exposed' to my 2 cat's expulsions, but the litter tray has to be on the landing due to space issues. I have tried all the top brand litters and this one is 1) The most economical. An 8kg bag can last almost 12 weeks with 2 large indoor only male cats (a bag the same size in another leading brand lasted half the time) 2) Clumps quickly and efficiently and even a rubbish flush can deal with the clumps when put in the loo, which break up when exposed to a lot of water (nothing your cat can produce trust me). 3) Unless the 'leavings' are fresh there is absolutely no smell. I have to physically look for anything as I cannot tell otherwise. It smells like fresh wood chippings. Even my housemates have commented that they never smell anything (bonus). 4) My cats love it! they happily dig in there and it rarely sticks to their feet (one has a fluffy tail so can sometimes have a few bits stuck there) but tracking is minimal and there is almost no dust whatsoever. I cannot recommend this enough and already have most of my cat owning friends using it! I tried in vane for almost a year using other brands which just weren't right for one reason or another, but as soon as I found this one I stopped looking. That was over a year ago now and I have no plans of ever changing.

Used to be great

This cat litter used to be wonderful. It clumped well and was flushable. Now the formula has changed it tracks everywhere I am hoovering all the time. Why did they change the formula?

Among the best

This is great , a bit finer than the best seller but clumps equally as we'll and is economical to use.

Andrea Cowling (08/06/14) Back to Golden Pine Cat Litter

One of the best!

I, too, have been on the eternal hunt for the perfect cat litter. When we got cat number 2 a few months ago, a ragdoll kitten, I wanted to try something new and tried a few cat litters out. We all, adults and cats, like this cat litter! It's almost the same as Cat's Best Oko Plus, but on the plus side has a light fragrance of pine which doesn't seem to fade during the week. The granules are again very similar, almost identical looking/feeling to Oko Plus, and - this is the only negative to add - does track a heck of a lot! (Oko Plus and this litter track the same amount in my opinion.) We have 2 litter trays, and have decided to change the litter we use in the upstairs one to something that tracks less, simply because we were finding it on our bed, in the bathroom, then down the stairs...! But we are loathe to stop using it downstairs because it really is a very good litter! It absorbs urine really well; the urine-soaked parts gather into a ball-like shape making it so easy to scoop and flush. (another bonus - it's flushable!) There is very little waste because of this. It's soft on my kitten's paws too, some litters are a little harsh. Another bonus - both my cats took to this litter straight away. Our nervous ex rescue cat is extremely fussy about cat litter, and has been known to stop using her tray and start going outside because we swapped from clay to wood-based pellets... So it was with trepidation that we tried this, Golden Grey, in her favoured tray...but she took to it straight away, and actually seems to prefer this to any other litter we have tried! So yes, if you are looking for a good quality, effective and environmentally-friendly cat litter, I highly recommend this! As long as you don't mind sweeping up a lot x

The best litter I've found

I have two Bengal sisters, one suffers from dust allergies and this litter has been great. I wanted a clumping litter that was natural and this ticks all the boxes. Its economical as it lasts ages and does not track as much as some of the litters I have tried. Yas has also had no problems with sneezing with this litter and both girls took to it straight away. I did start using worlds best before this but the dust that came out of it was appalling. Am sticking with this!


I have two Siamese brothers who share their litter tray, I tried this litter for a change from Cats Best Oko. It has a nice smell & is not dusty, it clumps well & masks the odours, it does track but is easily cleaned up. Its lightweight & the bags are easily handled, so an excellent buy.

Healed my cat's sore paws

This is the best cat litter I've found, and one I'll certainly stick with. My rescue Bengal cat had very sore paws - cracked and scarred due to years of cheap, harsh mineral litter. I read someone's review that said this was soft in use, so tried some and he's never looked back. His paws healed up and haven't been sore since then (a year ago). I decided to leave it a while to review to be sure the problem was solved, and it is. Added to that the pine smell that remains in use and the ease of flushing it (I've never had a problem with this). For me it's a big deal not to have to go to the compost or wheelie bin because I am disabled and housebound. It does track a bit, but then they all do in my opinion and it's no worse than others, but the positives far outweigh this. I won't be tempted by any other litter, cheaper or on offer. It's this for life, or at least as long as I can find it here.

great litter

I wanted a litter that I could flush away,and that my tiny footed Siamese kittens would use.I read the reviews and decided to try this brand.I was so pleased as it was the same size granules that my kitties were used to with the Catsan. I am so amazed with this litter I wished I had it years ago .It is so easy to dispose of as the litter box sits near to the toilet it flushes really easily.Smells great and is nice and light too.Tracking is ok because with Siamese paws tracking tends not to be a problem like with long haired cats.I wont use any other brand now ,this is eco friendly ,hygenic ,pleasant smelling and flushes what more could you want .

luna and twiggy/Rachael (25/05/13) Back to Golden Pine Cat Litter


I have had a multiple cats at any one time all my life and am now in my late 50's, and have to enthuse about this cat litter! At the moment I have 18 cats using 5 cat trays and this is the easiest litter and most economical (because of its superior clumping action, it leaves clean litter behind in the tray) and it gives no dust that I can see. It does track a little but so do all cat litters, even pine pellets. It does brush or hoover up easily and it prevents odour odour emanating from the tray and all the cats love it. Because its bioegradable, and fluhes away it is so easy and the tray is always cleaner and ready to use again, with very little effort. I have tried virtually every litter there, and this beats them all on ease of clean up, odour retention, and cat acceptability. I just hope people will keep buying it so that it stays available!

Hazel Coneys (26/04/13) Back to Golden Pine Cat Litter


A previous reviewer recommended this on the basis it was like 'The World Best Cat Letter' which I had been using religiously and really loved, but I needed something cheaper, as I have two cats, so I took a chance on this. After using this for almost a month now I am in agreement! It really is as good, it absorbs everything into easily removable clumps exactly like 'the worlds best' making it very economical, smell control is excellent and the 8kg bags are much more manageable. It does however track a little more than 'the worlds best' because it's lighter, but for half the price it's not something that will put me off. Altogether a fantastic and very economical cat litter, I'm very impressed : )

really does last ages!

I ordered 2 bags in November and this stuff really is excellent in terms of odour control, clump ability and how long it lasts, I still have a third of a bag left and 3 cats using the trays, daily removing soiled litter, not felt the need to remove any un soiled litter and you hardly ever have to top it up, its like magic ! If I didn't have a longhaired cat that can carry it everywhere round the house it would get 5 stars.

Fantastic cat litter!

I don't normally leave reviews but this cat litter really is so good that I felt compelled to write! After 5 years of working through various other brands/types and beginning to think that dealing with a litter box would never be pleasant, this cat litter has completely transformed my life. The wee clumps into very firm balls/chunks that can easily be sifted out but the best bit is that the litter remains completely odourless other than a faint scent of fresh pine. I have never used a cat litter before that hasn't started to smell of pungent cat wee after a few days. This litter is a pleasure to deal with and seems to last forever. Yes, it does track a little bit immediately outside the box, but not all over the house. I highly recommend it and won't be using anything else.

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